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The BASS is the backbone of any musical group.



Our teacher, Marc, with his upright bass!


Our Bass Lessons

We offer lessons in double bass (also known as the upright or acoustic bass) as well as the electric bass. Students will need to have their own bass.  If you need help finding your first instrument we can help.  


Lessons may begin at any time!


Lessons are offered in 1/2hr, 3/4hr, and 1-hr durations.


Lessons are taught by Marc Piane at our Chicago and Elmhurst locations. Marc is a Chicago native who is a regular on the local music scene. 


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Technique, Theory, Style...

The bass is the backbone of any group.  An understanding of theory, technique, and style are the underlying skills of bass playing.  The versatility of a bassist will depend on the depth of their musical theory understanding and the technical means to apply that to any given style.  The better bassist will have a deeper mastery of music theory fundamentals and concepts and will have the technical skills and know-how to apply those to any style of music. 







Learn the Fundamentals From a Dedicated Professional

Our lessons are taught with a patient and experienced professional who isn't just a good performer.  He will teach you everything you need to know from square one or he can pick up where you left off.  In addition to note and chord-chart reading, students will learn the application of bass playing in different styles, improvisation, and harmonic analysis. 







Any Style, You Name It!

Students will learn the fundamental techniques needed to play in ANY ensemble in any style.  All bass lessons are taught based on the student's musical interest and applying the bass lines to their favorite songs while learning the theory and musical structures that make up the song/piece.





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Frequently Asked Questions:  


When can my bass lessons begin?



Do you offer Trial Lessons?

Yes. We require that the one-time non-refundable registration fee ($35) be made in order schdule and book a trial lesson.  You can do that online by clicking HERE


At what age can I begin bass lessons?  

Generally bass lessons begin around 4th or 5th grade, but since it is a large instrument it is more based on physical size than age.


Do I have to own a bass?

Electric players should own their bass.  One can be purchased for a few hundred dollars.  Double bass players may choose to rent at first.  Call us for a recommendation at 312-416-0622.


Should I start on electric or upright? 

They are very different instruments so choosing one from the other can be more based on preference. You should start on the one you want to play more and then transition to the other one later.  


Is learning on the upright and the electric the same thing?

There are different physical techniques involved, for example just holding the instrument while playing.  There are similar theoretical approaches but the physical technique is very different.